Event cancellation

If the Athlete, due to force majeure, is prevented from attending the event for which he has a Safe Registration, RunPorto will ensure the reimbursement of the amount thereof, within the maximum indemnity limit.

For this purpose, it is considered as force majeure:

a) Unforeseen professional impediments (scheduling of meetings, training courses or others), duly documented, which implies that the Athlete is displaced from the place where the event is held. For the purposes of this, it is understood that the Athlete who has a professional impediment within a radius of more than 150 km from the place where the event is held is displaced.

b) Accident occurred with the means of transport in which the Athlete was traveling on the way to the venue of the event;

c) Accident that occurred, diagnosed illness or hospitalization verified in the fifteen days preceding the day of the event, which affects the Athlete, his spouse, ascendants or descendents in 1st degree, provided that the latter are minors;

d) Theft, its attempt or any violent act committed against the Athlete or his/her companions during the journey to the venue of the event that prevents the Athlete from attending the event;

e) Theft of the Athlete's dorsal for the event;

f) Death of the holder, spouse, or respective descendants or ascendants, provided that it occurred within the fifteen days preceding the day of the event;

g) Disturbance of public order, strikes and execution of martial law that prevents the Athlete from attending the event;

h) Impossibility for the Athlete to access the venue of the event, caused by floods, fire, explosion or by order of legally constituted authority;

i) Flight cancellation or plane delay that prevents the Athlete from attending the event.


Claims are excluded that result from:

a. Fraud or attempted fraud;

B. Cancellation, anticipation or postponement of the event, as well as change of venue;

c. Delay in entering the event;

d. Work that makes the place where the event takes place or the respective accesses, inaccessible or impractical in whole or in part, except when this work is not known to the Athlete at the time the tickets are sold;

e. Non-compliance by the Athlete with legal or regulatory norms or judicial or administrative decisions;

f. War, declared or not, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities or warlike operations, civil war, insurrection, rebellion or revolution, as well as incidents caused accidentally by explosive or incendiary devices;

g. Acts of terrorism, as such considered by current Portuguese criminal legislation;

H. Military rise or act of legitimate or usurped military power;

i. Explosion, release of heat and radiation from the splitting of atoms or radioactivity and also those resulting from radiation caused by the artificial acceleration of particles, as well as those resulting from exposure to magnetic fields;

j. Willful acts or omissions by the Athlete or persons for whom they are civilly responsible;

k. Failure to comply with medical prescription;

l. Suicide or its attempt and self-inflicted bodily harm to the Athlete;

m. Waterspout, tornado, typhoon or cyclone, snowfall, fog, frost or thunderstorm;

n. The simple disappearance of the Dorsal, without demonstrating that force or violence or threat of people was used for the subtraction of the same, in which case this simple disappearance will be considered as Theft, and is not covered;

O. Any willful omission or negligence including simple loss by the Athlete. For the purposes of this exclusion, the circumstance of leaving the Dorsal in a place that is visible from the outside, in a building or public place, will be considered negligent;

P. Any theft whose practice is facilitated or is due to the Athlete's negligence;

q. Pandemics and Epidemics

Procedures in the event of a claim

1. Theft - Safe Registration, the Athlete must report its occurrence within 5 working days of its occurrence;

2. The Athlete must notify the Claim within a maximum period of 10 days from the date of the event.

In case of Dorsal Theft, the Athlete must, immediately after the occurrence or knowledge of the loss due to theft, make a Report to the Competent Authority, including a detailed description of the accident, namely:

1. Circumstances in which the Robbery took place;

2. Express declaration that the Dorsal was stolen;

The Athlete must send RunPorto the following documents or information:

2. The Dorsal (except in case of theft);

3. Proof of purchase of the Safe Registration;

4. Proof of the event that led to the Athlete's non-attendance at the event;

5. In the case of Dorsal Theft, the complaint must be sent to the competent Authority.

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